Introducing the MNR GM2

The car that I have chosen to start my racing career in is the GM2 made by the North Yorkshire based father-son company Marc Nordon Racing. The GM2 is based upon their Lotus 7 inspired Vortx RT, but with full bodywork designed by Austen Greenway and his father.

The specific car that I’ve purchased is Dave Watson’s GM2 which he raced in 2014, coming 2nd in class F and 4th overall. I have purchased the car without engine and differential, but will be replacing these when I have the funds. Dave delivered the car to me a week ago and it is currently sitting in my garage awaiting its new parts.


Welcome to my blog about my amateur racing hobby. I will be racing in the 750 Motor ClubRGB” (Road Going Bike engine cars) series, but first a little about myself.

My name is Andrew Young, I’m 26 years of age and am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer for Sage in Manchester. My father is an Electrical Engineer and as a result I have been brought up with a background in electronics, but mechanics has always been an interest to me from a young age.

So the racing series that I’m going to enter is, as the name suggests for road going cars which have motorbike engines. The regulations clarify exactly what they mean by “road going”:

All vehicles must comply with MOT requirements (with the exception of emissions), be of sound construction and mechanical condition and be well maintained. There is no requirement for an MOT Certificate, Road Tax or Insurance.

The cars are lightweight with the minimum weight being 560 Kg including driver and fuel. The “bike engine” part means that a specific set of motorbike engines up to one litre are allowed, with the Honda CBR1000RR 08 or 09 engines being commonly used. The engines are used in a mostly stock form, with fueling changes allowed via a piggy-back ECU such as the Power Commander V.

There are two different classes of RGB cars which race together at the same time, but compete for a different set of points. The classes are for front engine (Rear wheel drive) cars and rear / mid engine cars. The regulations differ slightly between the two classes, but for the most part they are the same. I will be entering with a front engine car, but I’ll leave my car selection for another post.